Environment & Health Safety

Earth is the home of humanity. Being builders of fine homes, we know how important it is to preserve a healthy habitat for the future of mankind.

Being a conscientious corporate citizen, Mahalaxmi Builders and Developers is deeply committed to the protection of Mother Earth and her fragile ecology and environment. This commitment spans across our entire spectrum of activities and is manifest in every aspects of our functioning.

  • Complete and uncompromising adherence to all statutory environmental guidelines and safeguards.
  • Integration of eco-friendly features in the basic design of our buildings, such as free inflow of breeze and sunlight, in order to minimize dependency of power consuming artificial substitutes.
  • Adoption of 'Green Building' concept through priority for use of environment friendly materials, eco-friendly features and facilities including recycled or recyclable and reusable materials, renewable energy sources for construction, maintenance etc.
  • Emphasis on adequate landscaping and abundance of greenery to compensate for built-up area and also to enable the residents to live close to nature.
  • Policy of openness to experiment with new ideas and options which promise better environmental safeguards.
  • Adoption of environment friendly practices to totally avoid or minimize pollution of air, land and water; and also in disposal of waste, solid waste, garbage, sewage etc.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Mahalaxmi Buildwell (I) Pvt. Ltd. strong belief in good governance is reflected in its integrated and inclusive vision which acknowledges that business organizations are a part of society and commercial activity should go hand in hand with community development. Our commitment to give back to society, a generous portion of our earnings has seen us contributing to various social causes, all of which should go unnamed in line with our policy of silent service to humanity. We also maintain transparent functioning and contribute valuable revenue to the exchequer through full compliance with all our statutory financial obligations.
Adherence to environment friendly business practices, maintaining good neighborly relations in our project localities and wholehearted support to community activities are some of the other ways in which we fulfill our aspiration to be good corporate citizens.